Official start of summer

I wish I had some crazy good excuse about why I took a weeklong break, but sadly, I don’t. Sometimes life just gets a little messy. To anyone who actually reads what I write on here, however, I hope you will excuse my absence and still continue to read!


Although last weekend was Memorial Day–the unofficial start to summer just about everywhere–and I was able to enjoy some truly summeresque festivities, including a wedding, baseball game (plus obligatory hot dog) and a bike ride around Rock Lake, it wasn’t until yesterday that I received the mandatory first sunburn of the season.

Skin should not be that red.

Yesterday afternoon was perfect beach weather, so Kate, Seebs and I embarked on a downtown adventure complete with a train ride, a walk from Ogilvie to Oak Street Beach, some VERY ANNOYING tween girls that could be considered the downfall of society, and a sunburn like no other. No matter how much (or how little) sunscreen we put on, we never learn.


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3 responses to “Official start of summer

  1. Kelly

    Oak street beach = down the street from the new place :)

  2. Bob Gath

    I guess you don’t have those good tanning GENES

  3. Seebs

    Every year like clockwork….. I just want it on the record, that I did tell Kate to put on sunscreen.

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