Bringing the bike back in my life

Before this past Saturday I hadn’t ridden my bike in years. I had gone a brief ride around Lake Mills, Wis. a few weeks back but I borrowed a bike that wasn’t my own. So when I found out that my company was one of the sponsors in the third annual 15th Ward Bike Ride through Chicago Lawn, I knew I wanted to participate.

I found my old bike that my mom hadn’t been using, including a fab purple helmet, and discovered a new fun-filled activity. I took it to a new level today after work when I somehow convinced my pooch to jog alongside me while I rode. We made it around the block before he had to quit. I guess you really don’t ever forget how to ride a bike.

Yep, this is pretty much what we looked like.

[image courtesy of getty images]


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3 responses to “Bringing the bike back in my life

  1. Maria

    aw, fun!!! :)

  2. Dad

    Let me know when you are ready to move to the majors and ride with me!

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