A biking fiend

Up until recently, I wasn’t much of a biker (as evidenced here). Okay, I’m still not much of a biker, but this past Saturday I was more of a cyclist than I’ve ever been before.

Along with my dad and Josh, I successfully completed the 2011 L.A.T.E. ride in Chicago. This means that I cycled around the city for 25 miles in the middle of the night with 9,999 other crazy people. Not only was it a good time, but it got me thinking about other races. Next up: A 35-mile ride through Chicago’s South Side at the end of August.


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2 responses to “A biking fiend

  1. lori

    You go girl!!

  2. Dad

    Proud of you, you held up the Gath tradition your grandparents Ray and Anne would’ve been proud

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