From Harry Potter to Hyde Park

I started off my weekend with a midnight showing of the final installment to Harry Potter. While I was initially dreading seeing such a late show since I can barely keep my eyes open past 10:30 during the week, the movie more than made up for itself.

If only the same could be said for a Goose Rita. What is a Goose Rita, you ask? A margarita from Goose Island. While Goose Island has some worthy food (I recommend the vegetable chili) and some decent (I assume) craft beers (gross), their margaritas may need some work. Maybe.

Confession: I consistently order $5+ drinks that I think sound good, and then can’t drink more than 1/4 of them.

A problem my Gram just does not have. With the steamy weather this weekend, she was more than happy to accept a cool treat in the form of a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s. Her face when she gets an ice cream treat is priceless. But not as amusing as when she falls asleep at the table.

Also priceless, er I mean grossly overpriced: homes in Hyde Park. After taking a tour of the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods on the South side of the city, I was more than impressed.

Aside from the homes however, I was unsure of what else HP had to offer, and so my quest for the perfect Chicago neighborhood continues.


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4 responses to “From Harry Potter to Hyde Park

  1. Dad

    Normandy Park need i say more

  2. Ah I am going to see HP for a second time today!!

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