Here today, gone tomorrow

When I read yesterday that Borders was going out of business, it felt like a blow to the stomach.

I grew up taking frequent trips to the library with my mom, reaping the benefits of school book fairs with my dad and relishing a good story before bed. When I was little (okay, maybe now too) I would have rather spent my time reading a good book than socializing with my neighbor. I can still remember summer nights spent browsing through the bookstore looking for my latest treasure.

Sure, I can still enjoy a good book on an e-reader or iPad, neither of which I have, but there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when walking into a real, live, breathing bookstore.

RIP Borders.

If my future house has a room like this, that would be alright with me.

{All images via pinterest}

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One response to “Here today, gone tomorrow

  1. Dad

    I agree 100% I will never own a book nook turn to Barnes and noble

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