Tooth fairy not welcome

Yesterday morning I was forced to go where no one ever wants to go: the dentist. To have three cavities filled, no less. Not only do I despise going to the dentist (thanks to the very first dentist I ever had who was as rude and obnoxious as they come), but I am severely proud of the fact that I have managed to avoid all said cavities for the last 10 to 12 years.

Until approximately three weeks ago. I blame the Twizzlers and Hot Tamales I’ve come to love so much.

In addition to having the three cavities filled, I also had to have an old filling replaced with whatever new-fangled “dental restorative material” they use now.

While I have nothing but good things to say about my now dentist–who I only just started going to last month–he fell prey to one of the most annoying habits a dentist can possess: talking to you when your entire jaw is numb, you can’t feel your tongue and your mouth is filled with cotton swabs and bizarre contraptions used to make sure your mouth is held open at just the right angle. No, I can’t respond to your inane questions, I can barely swallow.

All irritability aside, I am now cavity free and don’t have to see the dentist again until 2012. I’ve also learned to never underestimate a dentist you truly like. You only have one smile, people.

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2 responses to “Tooth fairy not welcome

  1. Kelly

    I’ve only had one cavity….and it turned into a root canal. Fail.

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