Baseball makes me feel indifferent

In an attempt to meet fellow Badgers living in the Chicago area I recently bought two tickets to a White Sox game through the Chicago chapter of the Wisconsin Alumni Association.

The game was this past Thursday and while I always enjoy checking out a new venue (it’s been years since I’ve been to U.S. Cellular Field), eating nachos and people watching (okay fine, people judging), I’ve come to the realization that baseball games only interest me for the first hour and a half. Once the seventh inning hits, I start to fade and by the time the top of the ninth rolls around, I am so ready to leave.

Although I didn’t walk away with any new friends and was slightly annoyed by the people sitting around me, I think it’s safe to say another White Sox game could be in my future. And side note: the staff at U.S. Cellular are far superior to those at Wrigley Field. Just saying.


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5 responses to “Baseball makes me feel indifferent

  1. And you are an expert on Cubs fans your father and Grandfather are Cub fans so what are you saying ha

  2. Lori

    Nice pics of you and J but who are those statues?

  3. Caitlin

    I have no idea who those statues are, haha!

    I don’t know about those Cubs fans…

  4. Josh

    The one with Caitlin is Harold Baines and the other is Charles Comiskey (former White Sox owner)

  5. Kelly

    This is just so wrong

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