First you hate it, then you love it

When I was first introduced to Vera Bradley, I was in high school and working at Crabtree & Evelyn. C & E had just begun selling the now ever popular items, but I just didn’t see the attraction. The products–mostly totes, purses and luggage–somehow seemed dowdy in their quilt-like texture; not to mention that every snotty tween in Oak Brook wanted one.

Fast forward to last year when something inside my head clicked and I decided I NEEDED to have the large duffel bag and matching travel case for traveling back and forth between Madison and home. Fast forward again to the past few weeks and I now find myself craving matching cosmetic bags, wristlets, curling iron covers (the fact that I don’t curl my hair is beside the point), umbrellas and even stationery.

My latest purchase, at least, was a practical one: a large cosmetic bag to use when traveling between houses.


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2 responses to “First you hate it, then you love it

  1. I remember this vividly and your words when C&E began selling these bags.

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