FOUND!! Chicago (Near 63rd Street and Kedzie Avenue); tan chihuahua mix, age unknown (possibly 3-5 yo), male; taken to Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge around 6pm on Thursday, 9/1/11. Wearing light green collar with Snoopy imprints; no tags, AWL says no microchip. A little shy, but very friendly. Found 9/1/11. Contact me at 630-849-8569 or AWL at 708-636-8586. Please share. cg

This afternoon I was driving back to work after running an errand, when the car in front of me suddenly stopped. As I swerved to the side of the road to avoid hitting it, I noticed a small dog trotting across the very busy and very fast 63rd Street.

I quickly pulled down the nearest side street and got out to try and coax the dog toward me; the heat wave that descended upon Chicago today was no place for a lone pooch to be wandering the streets. Surprisingly the pup came to me, and with nothing left to do but go back to work, I did. With pooch in tow. Even more surprisingly, however, was the reaction of everyone else in the office.

Not only did no one mind, but they gladly accepted this little peanut’s presence and gave him plenty of water and plenty of affection. Unfortunately, when it was time to leave I was forced to take the pooch to the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge.

Despite my attempts to convince my dad that Frasier needed a friend and this was the perfect match, he would not budge. Even when I tried again at the AWL, complete with pleading and my most established sad face, I was still shot down.

I’m still holding out though that the Snoopy themed collar this dog was wearing, along with the Notre Dame hat worn by the attendant at the AWL who took the pup away, are signs. This pooch is either going home or Frasier and I are making room for a new friend.


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5 responses to “FOUND DOG!!!

  1. Dad

    I agree but lets see if his owner is searching for this little guy

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