FOUND DOG!! (yes, another one)

FOUND!! Chicago (Near 63rd Street and California Avenue); white toy poodle mix, 5-8 pounds; age unknown (possibly 3-5 yo), male; taken to Animal Care and Control in Chicago around 830am on Friday, 9/2/11. No collar, no tags; ACC says no microchip. Shy/timid; Found 9/2/11. Contact me at 630-849-8569 or the ACC at 312-744-5000.

After the drama that unfolded yesterday, I assumed today would be a much quieter day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

En route to work this morning, I stumbled across another stray dog on the side of the road, about to run directly in front of my Jeep. Before I knew what I was doing I was pulling over again to see if the pup was okay. This pooch, in comparison to the one yesterday, truly seemed to be a stray: no collar, no tags, unkempt, dirty, dehydrated; not a pretty picture.

He was, however, friendly enough to stick by me, so the leash was on, he was given some water and we were soon on our way to Animal Care and Control. This seemed to be the only viable option this morning, but boy do I hope I never, and I mean NEVER, have to go back to this dump that masquerades as a city facility.

Not only did the shelter supervisor who vaccinated the dog not even bother to hold him down while giving the shot (hello, no one wants to get bitten here), but the attendant who was to bring the dog to his kennel was by far the MEANEST person I’ve encountered in a long time. Instead of attempting to comfort the dog and coax him along, he forced me to drag the dog into the kennel runs and then had the nerve to rant at me for not wanting to take the frightened pup’s leash off. The public should not have to see or endure what I was exposed to today.

But it doesn’t stop there. On my way home from work, I had the misfortune of seeing a dog get hit by a car. At least this time around there were others who stopped with me to check on the pooch, who by the looks of it, was in pretty bad shape. After a quick chase into a resident’s nearby yard and a phone call to the police who in turn put in a call for emergency animal services, I can only hope that this pooch turns out okay.

And be thankful that my own pooch is safe, healthy and happy, if only a little nutty.


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