Weekend in photos

On Saturday Josh and I trekked downtown and headed to Soldier Field to see the Badgers defeat the NIU Huskies, 49-7. There were easily more Wisconsin fans in the Windy City and the only good thing about Northern? Their mascot is awfully cute (reminds me of Frasier!) – they even had a real Husky on the field at one point. Their fans on the other hand? Not so nice. But really, the fact that the UW is far superior on every count is all that matters. And in the end, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day in the city.

Our attempt at “artsy.”

Gorgeous old church on Michigan Avenue.

The quaint little garden we stopped at for Chicago-style hotdogs after the Badger bar we tried to get to had a line around the corner. $11 for two meals? Not.Too.Bad.

Obligatory Soldier Field pic.

Hello, spaceship.

Although the stadium was tricky to navigate, some of the architecture was pretty darn neat.

Our seats were awesome.

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