Rediscovered barber shop

Last week I stumbled across an old school barber shop with a co-worker while walking along 63rd Street. The shop is currently uninhabitable and you probably wouldn’t notice it walking along the sidewalk. Yet when I took a tour of the small space, it was easy to imagine what it must have been like during its prime. I don’t think they make them quite like this anymore.


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5 responses to “Rediscovered barber shop

  1. Archer and Normandy Stans Barber shop still there with the same gentlman that cut your grandfathers hair and your fathers when they had some.

  2. Did they ever have hair??

  3. Places like this may not be around anymore but they are always missed. The people who are in it and the locals who made memories and became frequent customers! I like your blog

  4. Thanks!! And so true, places like this are VERY missed.

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