Once upon a time

I have been known to watch what some would consider seriously bad TV: Keeping Up With the Kardashians (hello, guilty pleasure), 90210 (the original, obviously a 90’s classic), What I Like About You (uhm, Kelly Taylor reprising her role). But one new show I’m slowly becoming hooked to this season is Once Upon A Time. It’s a little strange, but I’ve found myself being sucked in for the past two weeks. Not to mention, it seems like fairy tales are all the rage this season. How cute are these modern day fairy tale posters?

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4 responses to “Once upon a time

  1. Dad

    Love your posters not the show

  2. Someone who thought you had good taste ;-/

    The Kardasians?????????

  3. Josh

    I’ll agree with your dad on this one.

  4. Guilty pleasure! I rarely watch it now.. honest!

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