Goodbye, 2011.

This year has been a difficult one. Between moving back to Chicago, starting a new (first) job and then moving out on my own, 2011 has seen its year of stresses. I’ve re-learned over and over to adjust to my surroundings and my new apartment is finally starting to feel like a home.

While NYE is one of my least favorite holidays, the month of December has been consumed with boxes, moves, work events and an unwelcome sinus infection, and I’m actually sort of excited to welcome 2012. Cheers!

A few 2011 highlights:

The trip of a lifetime in Italy.

Hey, mayor.

Two beautiful pups.

The start of a wonderful friendship.

A rekindled love of biking, thanks to my dad. [Josh and I so close to finishing 43 miles, Dad miles ahead]

A long weekend with some pups from my days of dog walking. [I hope 2012 brings more of those!]

The chance to cover Latino Fashion Week.

A tribute to 63rd Street business owners.

A 24th birthday.

Another holiday season, come and gone.

And photos of our new apartment to come!


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