Weekend in photos

A little Dunkin to start the weekend. I couldn’t resist the heart-shaped donuts, but couldn’t leave without my low-fat blueberry muffin too.

A little glimpse of the Sun-Times en route to Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Carry-out at The Wing Stop before the Badger game. I opted for the Costco pizza already waiting in the freezer at home.

This little guy was on the ceiling of Guthries Tavern, the perfect bar for people who don’t always like bars – they have stacks and stacks of board games. Throwback=awesome. And I won in Scattergories.

A few treats before the game. I mean commercials.

Not pictured: delicious homemade guacamole.


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2 responses to “Weekend in photos

  1. Kelly

    Are you big brother/big sister???

  2. In the process of becoming one. Either this will be great or terrible, yet to be determined!

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