Weekend notes

Fortunately, this weekend was fairly relaxing. Friday night was supposed to be a night of pizza and a Godfather marathon (did you know some people have never seen this classic?!), but I somehow got roped into watching the NBA all evening. Saturday saw a lot of errands (the Jeep is CLEAN!) and I was finally able to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with my mom, which was so good. Sunday Frasier tried to accompany my dad and I to the Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park, but thanks to a 30 minute wait, Dunkin Donuts–an old stand-by–won out.

Happy end of Monday!

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6 responses to “Weekend notes

  1. drivelology

    Unfortunately, I am one of those who hasn’t see The Godfather. I really should do something about this!

  2. I have seen the movie at least 50 times however read the book it is even better, it should be required reading for all intelligent high school students. But that would never work probably not politically correct.

  3. jjag619

    Are you speaking about me in your blog? I did see it but just recently. Number 2 coming up the end of the month! I hear #3 can be skipped because it does not even begin to compare to the first 2.

  4. @driveology Oh you must see the Godfather when you can -such a classic!

    @jjag Definitely skip #3, but see #2 when you can. And I know you saw #1 – at the xmas party, no?!

  5. drivelology

    It’s on my To-Do-List…my very long To-Do-List. With push a bit further up that horrible list now though ;)

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