VBA + a thank you!

I hadn’t even heard of it until a few days ago, but a fellow blogger and reader nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m not exactly sure how it began, but the VBA is a friendly, easy way for bloggers to support and recognize one another. Kind of cool! If you’re nominated, then you’ve been awarded.

So, thank you to the Kiwi Blog Bus for nominating me. Such a fun compliment. Be sure to check out her blog, which is written, photographed and compiled by Vicki Annison, a freelance writer and journalist based in Cambridge, New Zealand.

In honor of following the rules, which state you should share seven random facts about yourself, here you go:

1. Maybe not so random, but I am obsessed with dogs.
2. Sandwiches and bagels are my favorite foods.
3. I am 24 years old and still slightly afraid of the dark.
4. The Red and Rover comic strip is the first thing I read in the mornings.
5. I wish I was a better Spanish speaker.
6. I don’t have a lot of patience.
7. Humboldt Park is my new favorite place to take walks.

And finally, in keeping with the rules, here are a few other blogs I’d like to nominate.

Makes me wander: following random thoughts in real time
Craig Hill: corporate trainer, teacher and writer
Mark Kintzel Design: crafts, florals, events
Traveline Travel Services: instant travel deals


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3 responses to “VBA + a thank you!

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