Missing Paige

Like I mentioned on Sunday, we unfortunately had to stop fostering Paige last Friday; it was devastating to comes to terms with, especially since we had both already become so attached to her. We were counting on adopting her, buying her a new bed with matching food and water bowls, and lots of new treats. And I was already planning summer outings with her and Frasier, hosting doggie birthday parties and including her in Christmas cards.

She is such a sweet pup that she quickly became a fixed part of Apartment 310: sounding off her alert bark in the mornings that meant it was time to wake up, nosing you in the face when you tried to hit the snooze button, waiting for you at the top of the steps on your way back in from outside, giving you real doggie hugs (seriously, her paws latched on to your waist!), snuggling next to you on the couch and watching her ears fly back as she looked so happy darting across the park. I hope you find a happy home, Paige! We miss you.


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