Past is past

In just over a week, we’ll be packing our bags and moving. Up one floor. It’s a long story, but this past fall we found out that an investment company had bought our unit and we needed to find a new place to live. Or buy the unit. Since buying wasn’t an option, we hit the pavement and began our search. Then we were lucky enough to discover that a unit in our very same building would be up for rent right when we needed to be out. And so we’re movin’ on up, so to speak. With our new unit comes a bit more space. A new place and eight months with Chick means fostering may be in our future.

We attempted to foster last year with Paige, and it had a terrible ending. She had terrible separation anxiety and needed someone who was home during the day so she ultimately needed to find a new foster home with someone who could be home with her and give her the attention she needed.

Chick came along about a month later and we knew everything had worked out for the best. We’ve gotten to know her these past eight months and we’ve realized that she is a fairly relaxed pooch who enjoys hanging around other small dogs who are also vintage (read: older) like her. We know that she doesn’t quite know what to do around pooches twice her size and that she likes to be the center of attention when there are other pups vying for my affection.

But this doesn’t change the fact that the more involved we get with animal rescue, the more we realize so many pups are in need of help. If we can temporarily save an animal from a traumatice existence at the city shelter, I’d say that’s a good thing. So past is past, and it may be time to give fostering another try. Stay tuned, friends!

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6 responses to “Past is past

  1. You’ll need to post some pics of your new place once you’re settled in!

  2. Way to stay positive and way to give pups a much better alternative than the shelter!

  3. At least you’re not moving far (though moving is still rough). We too know how bad it feels when a foster works out, but now we’re realizing what we need to look for and we know more about what we would need to do next time. Excited to see how it works!

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