Happy fourth

I’m happy to have a day off in the middle of the week and am looking forward to spending the day in the sun. Unfortunately our day had been planned around riding our bikes, complete with a new basket that Chicklet had just gotten used to riding around in. But this morning when we woke up, we discovered that our bikes had been stolen. Even though our bikes were locked up, the lock had been cut and discarded to the side. A hard lesson to learn: even if you lock it up, bikes belong inside. Funnily enough, I feel more upset about losing the basket because it was bought specifically for the purposes of taking Chicklet along on rides; in a way it was her basket and who steals something from a dog? Ah well, Happy Fourth of July!

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3 responses to “Happy fourth

  1. That is really not cool! I hope your day gets better and you get to do something else with Chicklet.

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