A rude day

But it’s not okay to be rude.

This morning as Chicklet and I were returning home from our morning walk we were so very rudely assaulted when a young assailant stole my phone straight out of my hand. It happened in a matter of seconds: suddenly and without sound there was a man next to us on the sidewalk commenting about Chick, and the next he was in my face grabbing my arm, taking my phone and running off.

There was no time to be scared, it was more thoughts of, “Did that really just happen?” So I scooped Chick up, thankful that no one had taken her, and raced home to try and track the phone and file a police report. Of course there is minimal chance of getting that phone back in such a big city like Chicago, and thankfully I had insurance, but I’m feeling grateful that neither of were hurt and that we are safe.

It certainly blows my mind that someone could be so bold and rude. There are many rude thoughts I wish back on this horrible person, but I can only hope that Karma will get him.

Thanks to everyone’s support on EveryBlock!
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5 responses to “A rude day

  1. Crikey, not good. But as you say, you’re safe.

  2. Not cool! Karma… it will get him, maybe not today or tomorrow but he’ll get it.

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