Last week I wrote about how my phone was stolen while out walking Chick, and how grateful I was that it was just a phone that was taken and not Chick herself. And then today I read about how pet theft is on the rise, and I felt even more grateful. How someone could steal someone else’s pet is beyond me, but according to the ASPCA, it happens all the time.

So if you’re out and about with your pet, remember: don’t leave them unattended or tied up outside a store; your pet is much too exposed. You should also be careful when leaving your pet unattended in your yard. You’d think your pup would be safe there, but you never know. And of course, be sure to microchip your pet! It can make a world of difference if something ever does happen; a collar can be taken off, but a microchip will always be there.

We never want to think something bad could happen to our pups, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. They’re members of your family, after all!

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6 responses to “Dognapping

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  2. Just shocking! Some people truly do amaze me. I just popped over from Adventures of a Dog Mom and am really delighted to have found your site. Looking forward to following you now.

  3. Isn’t it absurd?! How some people could do that is so beyond me; can’t even imagine it.

    So glad you stopped by and to have you as a new follower. I’m off to check out your site now!

  4. Yes microchip and make sure your dog is also wearing a dog tag with a way to contact you:)

  5. I know – if you move, it’s so easy to forget to update the information!!

  6. So true. Now that you mention it, I am going to check and make sure that they have my current info. Thanks.

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