Best friends

The cool weather this morning felt so refreshing, it almost made me excited for fall. And cute little sweaters and jackets for Chick.

Growing up I always used to beg my dad to let Frasier wear a coat during the winter months, but he never went for it. As a husky dog, I suppose it didn’t make sense.; he loves the cold weather:) Have a lovely weekend, everyone. We’re heading up to Wisconsin so Josh can finally bring his new bike back. Here’s a link to a heartwarming story about a 19-year-old dog and his owner who takes him into the lake each night to soothe his old bones and help him fall asleep. I dare you not to tear up.

[top photo via; bottom photo via]


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3 responses to “Best friends

  1. Amazing pictures:) Yes, it did make me cry, but I am glad because that means that just like many other people I see love and hope for all of us:)

  2. Mom

    Best picture EVER!

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