Zoo trip

I’m lucky enough to have today and tomorrow off from work so Kelly and I are taking our littlest cousin out for a day in the city.

Our first stop will be the Lincoln Park Zoo. I’m always a little torn about whether or not I should support zoos (it’s hard to know if the animals born and raised in captivity are better off there or if all animals should just be left alone out in the wild), but I think Addison will enjoy it, so I’m just going to focus on that. Plus it’s free!

What do you think about zoos? Do you frequent them, or are you totally against them?

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4 responses to “Zoo trip

  1. I’m torn about zoos, I know that the animals are captive and in some zoos aren’t exactly treated the best. But, on the other hand there are quite a few zoos who are working to better understand animal behavior and are helping with rehabilitation and conservation efforts. So when I go to a zoo, and I’ll admit it I do, I try to keep those things in mind.

  2. I used to live very near the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s pretty nice. I actually really love going to the zoo, although it does leave me with the same sense of ambivalence. I guess all we can do is treat the animals as ambassadors for their species and harness all of the teaching moments we can about conservation.

  3. I agree with you both! It’s important to keep an open mind. And everyone could learn a little more about conservation efforts, I think.

  4. I try to only visit the zoos that are spacious/well-developed enough to have enclosures that look really sizable for the inhabitants. I hate the tiny, naked pens that some of them have to deal with!

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