Bedtime with Chick

It’s no secret that dogs love routine. Just as Frasier would wait for his treat come 10:30 each night, then hop into bed and proceed to hog the entire space, so too does Chicklet have her own routine. Once I head for the bedroom, she follows suit, waits for a lift into bed and then pushes each pillow out of the way until she’s found her spot. These pups, they sure are silly.


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7 responses to “Bedtime with Chick

  1. Chick is such a little doll. It’s probably way easier to sleep with her in the bed vs. Boomer and Dottie, they try and take over the whole thing and can b/c they are so big!

  2. She sure is a doll! Our family dog that I grew up with, Frasier, is a big lug and just like Boomer and Dottie he would push me out of the way until he was comfortable and then settle in. Haha oh pups!

  3. Kristine

    Very cute. What bedtime routine is complete without a dog or two?

  4. Mom

    Did you forget about Ginny?

  5. No! She always liked to sleep with you..

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