Halloween pup

I realize it’s not even the first of September, but after a client mentioned last week that he had already bought his pup a Halloween costume, I suddenly couldn’t wait for fall. And promptly began searching for a costume for Chick.

I hate to be that person who dresses their dog up, but one look at the site, Baxter Boo, and I was hooked. $15 for a penguin costume to make Chick look just like her friend, Mr. Penguin? Kind of amazing.

(Photo from Baxter Boo)


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4 responses to “Halloween pup

  1. Will the little Chick wear a costume? Boomer and Dottie would shred theirs in a matter of minutes.

  2. Haha, I can imagine they would! This is our first Halloween with her so I’m not sure how she will react. I’m hoping she’ll at least tolerate it!

  3. I bet she’ll be really cute all dressed up. And, I hope you share some pics!

  4. Oh, I definitely will!!

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