Weekend in photos.

{sitting pretty.}

{forcing him to pose for a shot with me.}

{worn out after chasing him all over the house trying to put his mane on.}

{apparently not so pleased about something. photo c/o Peter Wagner.}

{my little lion!}

Over the weekend, I took my cousin’s dog Pudge to a Bulldog-only Halloween Costume Ball! He was thrilled to attend, not so thrilled to wear his lion’s mane. He loved meeting fellow bulldogs and was happy to try something new, or so I hoped. Dragging him around was quite different than Chicklet, though. I almost couldn’t lift him into the Jeep. Oy!


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2 responses to “Weekend in photos.

  1. Kristine

    That costume is adorable! It was definitely worth the race around the house. It looks like you both had a great time. :-)

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