Have a nice weekend.

As little Chick and I were getting off the elevator after our walk this morning, my keys fell down the elevator; they just fell straight through that little crack. You always wonder what you would do if that happened, I just stared at the crack in disbelief before rushing back to my apartment, only to realize I had to knock to be let in (that wasn’t embarrassing or anything). Fortunately, the technician was by within the hour and I got to see the pit of an elevator for the first time. Lesson learned: don’t juggle a dog’s leash while getting your keys out while stepping out of an elevator:)

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3 responses to “Have a nice weekend.

  1. Not cool! I’m glad it worked out. I’ve always been afraid that I would be the one to fall down the crack, not the keys!

  2. Haha it is kind of creepy, no?!

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