Have a wonderful weekend.

I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally Friday because this week felt especially tiring. All of the hurricane coverage was emotionally draining, and I truly feel for those affected by it. The images they’ve shown on the news all week have been devastating.

I’m thankful the hurricane hasn’t affected any of my friends or family, but it has affected hundreds, probably thousands, of pets. The ASPCA is working their magic, coordinating animal response efforts, setting up a hotline for owners who may have had to evacuate without their pet and getting some much-needed supplies out. What they need from everyone else though, is a little help. Even the smallest donation of $5 counts for something, and I would encourage you to donate what you can. Consider it a great start to your weekend.

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4 responses to “Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Really love the message in this post.

  2. how sweet of you, thank you so much!!

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