Sweet November.

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s November already, but I couldn’t be more excited. Most people dread the start of colder days and how it tends to be dark by the time 5pm rolls around, but I love the coziness of this month and all of the holiday festivities that are just starting to begin(it’s perfectly acceptable to start hanging decorations and listening to Christmas music right?;).

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5 responses to “Sweet November.

  1. I love the time between October and December, it always seems to be for lack of a better word magical. The crisp air, the gorgeous leaves, frisky pups, apple cider, pumpkin bread and of course Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  2. I agree I agree! Emily summed it up so perfect, I wont even try to compete with that :)
    ps. I have secretly had the Christmas music on for a few weeks now, and dreamt that i was decorating my house just the other night! I say let it begin!

  3. Wahoo!!! I love that you’ve been playing xmas music for weeks :)

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