14 years young

Fourteen years ago my sweet pups, Fray and Gin, came into my life. Yesterday was Fray’s birthday, today is Gin’s. I was in fifth grade and I had only ever known one dog before them. It’s so hard to believe they’ve been a part of our lives for that long, and it’s hard to imagine how time flew by that fast. Fortunately they are doing better than ever, if a bit slower and a bit hard of hearing, but I’m so happy they’re still here with me.


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5 responses to “14 years young

  1. What sweet looking pups, happy birthday smooches to them both!

  2. Will and Eko

    The look in that first photo is priceless.

  3. Ha, he looks like such a nut! :)

  4. I love our dogs even more as they get older and a little less crazy. Now I can actually catch them when they try to run away from home (I’m finding the years haven’t stopped them trying to do that!)

  5. I agree! Old dogs are the best dogs.

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