Sociabull Chick


^^It was COLD.

Two weeks ago Chick’s name finally came up on the Chicago Sociabulls wait list and we were admitted to attend our first dogless walk to learn more about the acclaimed dog walking club. On the Sunday after we moved we headed to the south side to walk through the neighborhood surrounding the Museum of Science and Industry sans Chick. It was snowy and cold, but we trudged through and were able to meet quite a few friendly pups and their owners. It was definitely a learning experience and I’m happy to report that we’ll be attending with Chick this weekend at a location more near the apartment. The biggest concern I have: will Chick be able to walk for that long? Stay tuned!



^^Can you tell where we are?


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4 responses to “Sociabull Chick

  1. That’s a sweet club! Such a great idea.

  2. I’m still jealous, even though it looks freezing cold. I’m sure if Chick were to get tired she could hitch a ride in your warm coat for the rest of the walk. It would just be fun for her to get out and about with such an awesome group of dogs and their owners.

  3. I know, here’s to hoping it won’t be so chilly tomorrow!

  4. I think Eko would love it!

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