Chick’s first Sociabull walk


On Saturday, we all ventured out into the cold and Chick experienced her very first Sociabulls walk. It was pretty dang cold that morning so Chick bundled up and while the location was only five minutes from the apartment, we still just barely made it (isn’t that how it always goes — the ones closest are always the last to arrive?).



Chick was definitely not overexcited about all of the other (much larger) pups, but she did struggle to keep up with the pace of everyone else walking. Not only were her little legs much shorter and she had to work harder to keep up, but she’s also used to taking meandering strolls so keeping her on task and not stopping to sniff every tree was also more difficult than we had anticipated. Next time we’ll keep treats on hand and we also learned that if I walk farther ahead and she can see me, she’s more likely to keep up the pace. Everyone was wonderfully nice and I think as the weather warms up this could be come a fun routine :)


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9 responses to “Chick’s first Sociabull walk

  1. I wasn’t on the same walk as you this weekend, but so glad you guys had a good time! Let us know if Chick does have a hard time keeping up on the next walk (I know we have a ton of long-legged pups). We could adjust the pack order, because I know sometimes the front pups can set too fast of a pace. Hope to see you soon!

  2. rudy5230

    Too dam cold and frazier would stop  every 10 seconds to sniff and then pee


  3. thefroglyprince

    I had a Pug that had like A.D.D. or something. He would get sidetracked every half a second. haha

  4. I’ve been wondering how your first walk went. I think it’s so cool you guys are getting to be a part of this awesome group. I’m sure once the weather warms up a bit you’ll have an amazing time!

  5. I really hope so! It’s a little tough helping her acclimate to the pace and the walk but I am hoping it goes well!

  6. Ya, we’ll have to see how it goes next time. I think walking in the back helped a little too though so we could keep up without holding anyone else back. Excited for the next one!

  7. I’m sure with time she’ll adjust to it and even start to get excited.

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