Warmer days ahead

Sunset (image)
This past Sunday it was cold. So cold for March that it made me wonder if warmer days really were on the horizon. But when it was 7pm and the sun still hadn’t gone down all the way, it gave me hope. Summer (okay, spring) is coming. We hope. And pray. And if it doesn’t, someone will pay:)


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2 responses to “Warmer days ahead

  1. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m ALSO a dog-owner living in Chicago. :) You hit the nail on the head with the weather we’ve been having around here lately. I keep thinking: what if summer really ISN’T coming this year?!

  2. Hi!! I know what you mean, I can’t wait until it warms up and I don’t have to dread taking the dog out anymore :)

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