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Just a little something

We recently began a new program at work, and to share a few words about what it is and how it works, I created this video. The video was also used to apply for a grant to help the program grow, so I only had 24 hours to do it. Josh helped out and I think it came out nice. Hopefully my movie editing skills will only get better.

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A journalist lost

Anthony Shadid in Cairo for The New York Times, taking notes on top of a bus during the revolution in Egypt last February.

Although I work for a nonprofit that specializes in business services, there are still times when I get to work on a project that has its roots in journalism (ahem, Chicago Lawn Portal), and this means a lot to me. It is what I went to school for, after all. And so this evening when I saw that Anthony Shadid, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the New York Times and a fellow UW-Madison graduate (and a former Daily Cardinal writer!), had died it felt terribly sad and unfair. His work for the NYT was incredible, and while I never did hear him speak, he was always willing to talk to student journalists and give advice, according to members of the Daily Cardinal Alumni Association. A sad day for journalism.

top image via the NYT // bottom image via

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Last week I had the chance to write about the upcoming Chicago Flamenco Festival for the Lawndale News. I first wrote for them last fall when I covered Latino Fashion Week. The Flamenco Festival is in its 12th year, and is ridiculously awesome. It debuts this week and I can’t wait to attend. Read my story by clicking here, if you like.

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Spotlight on: Chicago Lawn Portal

Over the past several years, hyperlocal web sites, news sites and blogs have populated the web at an exceedingly fast rate. Many people will say sustaining hyperlocal media is impossible. I say it’s necessary.

Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and why shouldn’t they? It’s often the people on the ground–those in the neighborhoods and those active in their communities–who have the most to say, but often don’t have the resources.

So check out the Chicago Lawn Portal, which is part of the Southwest Smart Communities Initiative, a collaboration among Chicago Lawn, Auburn Gresham, and Englewood. Learn more about how we are Digitally and Socially Linking our Communities.

And if nothing else consider this:
Chicago’s neighborhoods have always been this city’s greatest strength.
[Jane Byrne]

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Cheeseheads unite

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl last night and I’m really not all that excited about it.

After watching the Bears’ horrifying loss to the Packers two weeks ago–effectively stomping out their chances of yet another Super Bowl title–I just couldn’t get into the game. Although, the fact that I’m basically the world’s worst sports fan and could care less about professional sports, especially the NFL, might have something to do with it. Let’s celebrate, idolize and pay millions of dollars to people who have been accused of repeated sexual assault violations and dog fighting.

But, I digress. What can you do?

Fortunately, the commercials aired throughout the Super Bowl are always better than the game. Admittedly, I wasn’t even all that into them yesterday, but there were still a few I enjoyed. And for those who know me well, no, my favorites were not the Bud Light: “Dog Sitter” ad or the Doritos: “Pug Attack” ad. The NFL: “American Family” ad was by far my favorite. Any commercial with 90210, Golden Girls, Full House, How I Met Your Mother, Happy Days, Modern Family and The Sopranos in it is good by me.

Here’s a full roundup of all the commercials aired last night, courtesy of AdAge:

Click here to watch!

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