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Weekend in photos

This past weekend the temperatures were sweltering and Chicklet somehow managed to eat an entire muffin wrapper (she’s doing fine!), but it was filled with fun too. Josh and I finally managed to check out Holstein Park (for its 100-year celebration) and discovered a fantastic free pool. On Sunday we enjoyed the weather, complete with a 20-mile bike ride with my dad; good thing I pooped out near the end – it was so hard to wake up this morning:)

[can’t wait to try this pool out! it’s just a short bike ride away from the apartment.]

[there were more food trucks in one place than i’ve ever seen, all celebrating the 100-year celebration.]

[we made it back from our bike ride juuust in time!]

[and somehow it was back to this later in the evening.]

[bottom two photos courtesy of josh]

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