Sometimes homemade is overrated

In terms of fresh and delicious food, Madison has a lot to offer. From the Dane County Farmer’s Market and food carts that are staples when the weather is warm and sunny (wishful thinking right now), to the abundance of fine restaurants around the Capitol Square (Francesca’s al Lago is my new favorite), there really is something for everyone.

Except when it comes to tacos. In my four years living here, I have not found a taco that can rival one from home.

Fortunately, when my dad visited this past weekend, he brought with him six tacos from the best new place to get Mexican food. Taco Burrito King (try to ignore the not so authentic sounding name) seriously has some of the yummiest tacos. We usually get the tacos from their location on South Harlem Avenue near Archer, but they have 11 other locations around the Chicagoland area. Yum!


The necessary hot sauce.

And sometimes, you just want a nice warm corn muffin to accompany your taco, but you don’t want to spend hours making them. So you use Jiffy corn muffin mix, add some milk and an egg and you’re done! Easy as pie (only way easier).


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2 responses to “Sometimes homemade is overrated

  1. Bob Gath

    And my muffins are in the mail?

  2. No way. There’s only one left.

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