Walking on water

Last night I saw the Jewish film, “Walk on Water”, at the Israeli Film Festival here on campus and it was SO GOOD. It was so good even despite the fact that my 5’2″ Catholic self mistakenly sat behind the tallest Jew in the room and I had to crane to see the subtitles (it was crowded/no other seats were available/I have to sit on the end of the row so I don’t feel claustrophobic). Much of the film was in English anyways and the rest was in Hebrew and German so I didn’t mind the subtitles much anyway.


I haven’t seen many foreign films in my mere 23 years and those that I have seen have mostly been Spanish films. After seeing “Walk on Water” though, I think everyone should make an effort to see more foreign films. They’re so much different than American ones. Duh, I guess. But still. “Walk on Water” won three Israeli Academy Awards and it really made me want to travel to Israel someday. Check out the trailer here.

I also think it was fitting that I saw this Jewish film on the very same day that Chicago elected its first ever Jewish mayor.

However, there is an election coming up in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst that is infinitely more important–my friend Rachel is running for 6th ward alderman!!! Check her out here. She is fabulous and if you live in Elmhurst, you should vote for her!!


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2 responses to “Walking on water

  1. bob

    Is she a Democrat or a Republican

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