The Gilmore way

Ever since “Gilmore Girls” debuted just over ten years ago, I’ve been obsessed and Rory has become my idol. I used to anxiously await each week’s episode and instantly crave more once it ended; my mom and I would literally be glued to to the TV.


Last Sunday when I all I wanted to do was lay around and do nothing thanks to a brief, but blah-inducing cold, I began watching a few episodes. This past summer I re-watched the entire series and repeat episodes are regularly aired on SOAPnet and ABCFamily, so it’s not like I’ve been deprived, but once I start watching I just can’t seem to stop. This show never gets old. And so now, with an incredibly busy, stressful and potentially rejection-filled day ahead of me, all I can think about is watching right where I left off.

Credit/For The Record

Credit/The Rebel Prince TV Blog

Credit/Stephanie Perkins

Credit/Reepicheep's Coracle

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