A little something sweet

Usually when I’m craving a snack or a treat, I almost always opt for something salty. Nachos, like the kind you can only get at some mundane sporting event, are my ultimate guilty pleasure. Yet, on Tuesday when I discovered that a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened up in the Madison area, I instantly began craving one of their warm, sugary melt-in-your mouth heavenly creations.

And so yesterday, I decided to satisfy my craving. Josh and I braved the end of rush hour traffic for the 20 minute drive to Wisconsin’s newest distraction; we were not disappointed. We were able to pass up the offer to purchase a dozen and instead each indulged in a single doughnut. Chocolate frosting and sprinkles have never tasted so good.

Despite satisfying my doughnut craving, however, that single Krispy Kreme has me wanting a whole lot more. After eating my last store-bought miniature brownie (as seen here) today, I giddily discovered that I had a single package of Girl Scout cookies hidden inside my cupboard.

Unfortunately, when I purchased these cookies from a friend who was selling them for her little sister, I decided to get the crunchy fudge-coated kind that is so affectionately known as the Thanks-A-Lot cookie. Why I opted out of purchasing the classic (and personal favorite) Samoa, or even the Thin Mint, is beyond me.

Fortunately, thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I discovered recipes for making homemade Thin Mints and Samoas that I’m now dying to try.

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7 responses to “A little something sweet

  1. Josh

    Mundane sporting event? Clueless!

  2. Ha, I know when I wrote that it would rub you the wrong way.

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  4. bob

    I am so sorry to see that you are only discovering Krispy Kreme at this time In the big city they have been around for some time they were and still are Michael Jordans favorite doughnut. As for your candy store if it does not have the good old fashioned candy from my day then I do not consider it a

  5. Too bad that Krispy Kreme on Harlem isn’t still there. Krispy Kreme>Dunkin Donuts?

  6. Seebs

    Krispy Kreme will never be better than Dunkin Donuts. America Runs on Dunkin. You shut your mouth! ;) <3

  7. Hahaa no worries, Seebs. Dunkin Donuts will always have my heart!

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