Loving the little things

After returning from a much anticipated vacation, it can be easy to feel a little bummed. Oftentimes, half the fun of taking a vacation is the happy anticipation you feel in the weeks leading up to it. Fortunately, today is Friday (which is reason enough to be happy) and I’ve got five things I’m looking forward to this weekend.

1. Finally trying McDonald’s new fruit and maple oatmeal
I’m dying to know if this oatmeal tastes as good as all of McDonald’s commercials make them look. Plus, I have a coupon for a free one.

2. The Pet Nutrition Talk, sponsored by the Dane County Humane Society
I’m a sucker for most events offered by the DCHS, but this one especially appealed to me. The talk will be given by Michelle Longergan, owner of a Madison-based pet supply store. She’ll be sharing her thoughts on proper diets for cats and dogs. Frasier, watch out.

3. Seeing the Madison Symphony Orchestra
With a student ID (I’m still considering myself a student for the next two weeks) you’re eligible for up to two $10 tickets to see Beethoven’s Third Symphony. I don’t think I ever been to the symphony, but I’m definitely excited to see what it’s like.

4. Campus Candy
This candy store, which opened last fall on State Street, is a dream come true for anyone who has a sweet tooth. With over 400 varieties of candy, as well as frozen yogurt, there is sure to be something for everyone. I’m normally not into sweets, but as of late, I’ve been craving them (as seen here). So when Josh purchased a Groupon for Campus Candy, I was more than a little excited.

Kristian Knutsen/Isthmus

5. Bringing awareness to the many animals displaced by the disaster in Japan
When the disaster in Japan struck two weeks ago, not just millions of residents were displaced. Just as with Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., there are many, many animals that have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Just check out this heart-wrenching video of one dog protecting another to see for yourself. Click here to see how you can help the animals in need.

Photos courtesy of Jasmyne Cannick, Dog Treat Kitchen, Flickr, Yahoo News


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4 responses to “Loving the little things

  1. Kelly

    How is it possible that you’re related to me and you’ve NEVER been to a Symphony concert?? Enjoy – what are you hearing?

    Also…umm…I plan on using my student ID until I no longer look like the person in the picture…because mine is undated.

  2. Kelly

    Oh, Beethoven’s Third. Should have seen that. Eroica…it’s a good one. Not my favorite, though. He tried to dedicate it to Napoleon, but wasn’t able to. What a wimp.

  3. Seebs

    How was the mcdonald’s oatmeal? I like the oatmeal from starbuck’s but obviously mcD’s would be better for my wallet.

  4. I’ve never had the Starbucks oatmeal so I can’t compare, but the McD’s was not bad. It was better when I added a little cinnamon to it, though. Had a free coupon for it this time, not sure I would pay for it in the future.

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