It’s not all about the popcorn

The Chicago Tribune recently published this article about how the FDA could soon require cinema operators to disclose the amount of calories in their concessions. Needless to say, theater owners are not so happy about it. And who can blame them? The buttery, salty goodness of movie popcorn, combined with overpriced soft drinks, Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers are movie staples. But if I had to look at the calorie counts for my favorite treats, I’d probably opt out more often than not.

Regardless, Josh and I made it out to the theater on Friday afternoon to see The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. Despite a pretty good cast (McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe, Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy, Josh Lucas and John Leguizamo) the movie was just okay. It kept us entertained for sure, but it’s definitely not a movie I’ll need to see again in the future.

While there aren’t many other movies I’m especially looking forward to, there are a few already out that I’m still dying to see. What movies are you aching to watch?

How to Train Your Dragon (nominated for two Oscars this year)
The Illusionist (also nominated for an Oscar this year)
Biutiful (another Oscar nominee, plus Javier Bardem is awesome)
The Romantics (I’ve been dying to see this for months, as I’m obsessed with Katie Holmes; Josh Duhamel isn’t too bad either)
Unstoppable (I love Denzel)
Gladiator (corny, I know, but I’ve wanted to see it ever since returning from Rome)


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3 responses to “It’s not all about the popcorn

  1. Seebs

    The freakish calorie counts and ridiculous high prices are why I sneak in my own snacks….homemade popcorn. Yum!

    But really, we should just keep hitting up hollywood blvd as our theater of choice (now that you’re coming home!) … college student night, marg pitchers, crab rangoon! As Charlie Sheen would say #winning!

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