An (almost) meatless Friday

With Easter a little over three weeks away, most good Catholics are in the midst of Lent. Growing up, the Lenten season usually meant you were forced to give up something you enjoy for forty days until Easter arrived. When I was little I almost always gave up Taco Bell (gross, I know, but twenty years later I still can’t resist a crunchy taco every now and then).

Lent also means giving up meat on Fridays. Yet, as hard as I try, I can never seem to remember to follow this rule. Last week and today I managed to eat a delicious (and meat-filled) ham sandwich from Milios without so much as batting an eyelash (sorry, God).

Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue tonight for dinner with shrimp tacos. After cooking the shrimp with some of the new Philadelphia cooking creme in the Santa Fe flavor, I’m convinced that shrimp just may be the new chicken when it comes to tacos.

If you want to try one of Philadelphia’s new cooking cremes, other flavors are also offered, including Italian cheese and herb, savory garlic and original. Click here to see for yourself.

If you want to make your own shrimp tacos, click here to see Bobby Flay’s (from the Food Network) recipe. It looks delicious. He suggests using a white, flaky fish, but I would probably substitute for shrimp.

[images via We heart it]

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