Summer where are you?

Anyone who lives in the Midwest knows that spring is one big tease. March and April are really just a milder extension of winter. Yet every year I fail to learn my lesson. By the end of March I can’t help but develop a small obsession with summer.

When you wake up to sunshine and blue skies, only to discover that the average high temperature for the day is 35°, you question why your parents decided to settle here in the first place. So if you’re like me and are simply biding your time until warmer days arrive, know that you’re not alone.

What are you most looking forward to about summer?

If only Frasier could be this excited for summer. Winter dog. Sigh.

I don't even like boats, but it looks so warm.

Dairy Queen. I miss you.

Very coastie-esque, but I would like to be this girl right now.

If only.

Images via We heart it


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4 responses to “Summer where are you?

  1. Katie

    I ALWAYS say- “Mom, why do we live here?”

  2. Lori

    Why are parents always to blame?? You are now old enough to live wherever you want (you too Katie) !!!

  3. bob

    If you would look for a position in Arizona i will gladly move there also and finish my teaching career in the hot dry sun of Arizona

  4. Katie

    Haha. Old enough? Yes. Financially stable enough? Not so much.

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