Late night craving

It’s almost 11pm on a week night so I should be preparing for bed; those 6am wake up calls do not come easy, especially when you have a whining/barking dog who starts begging to go for a walk as soon as the alarm goes off.

*Love you anyways pooch*

However, this evening while I feel myself getting more and more tired every passing second, I’ve got the biggest craving for a late night snack. I guess that’s what happens when you eat dinner at 5pm. The problem is that the craving I’m dying to satisfy is for a sub sandwich from the best sandwich shop ever. And that shop is now closed.

Yellow Submarine has been closed for several years now, but anytime I’m anywhere remotely near the old location on Archer Avenue, I can’t help but wish it was still in business. My cousin and I used to be obsessed with this place and even though it was a tiny hole in the wall the service was outstanding and the food even better.

I guess Subway and Jimmy John’s will have to do for now. Do you have any favorite restaurants that are now closed?

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3 responses to “Late night craving

  1. Auntie M

    None that have closed, but one that has recently opened: Eggheadz Cafe on 173rd and Oak Park Avenue, in Tinley Park. I have never been disappointed in anything I have eaten there, and believe you me, I am an extremely fussy eater. The name pretty much says it all, but they also have lunch on the menu. The management listens to customers; a rare thing. I told the owner/manager that I cannot use dairy in my coffee (good coffee btw) and he had non-dairy creamer on the table at my next visit. Next time you’re in the area we’ll go there.

  2. Kelly

    I died a little when I read this note. Why oh WHY would you make me remember those delectable subs?!?!?!

  3. Bob Gath

    5 Kings Pub Archer and Narragansett best burgers ever now gone. And the best thin crust pizza ever was a bar on Archer and Oak Park called An Jeans. In my day this was a treat on Friday night when you still were not allowed to eat meat on Friday. Wow do I miss it!

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