Celebrity status. Sort of.

When I wrote city news for the Daily Cardinal, I instantly became hooked on all of the drama that seemed to incessantly follow the members of the Madison Common Council, including the former [:(] Mayor Dave. Being involved in city government is no easy feat. Despite the long hours and late nights that are a staple in city news, I always felt a little rush of adrenaline when writing about an issue that the whole city would be talking about the next day.

Fast forward to today. Mayor Daley–mayor of Chicago for the past 22 years–is about to step down and hand over his power to Rahm. While you could endlessly debate about whether or not Daley did more good or bad for the city of Chicago, there is no argument that the guy has got some serious street cred.

This morning I unexpectedly had the opportunity to attend an event that the mayor was speaking at. So as soon as the speakers had finished, I pushed my way through the crowds, handed my phone over to the lady standing next to me, and got a photo with one of the most well-known men in the city of Chicago.

Rahm, you're next.

Of all the days to choose to wear my glasses and to not blow dry my hair. Bad life decision.

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  1. Bob Gath

    I am so jealous. With all the people I know I have never had my picture taken with our Mayor and I call him my mayor because once a south sider always a south sider.

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