Do you ever feel so tired that you can barely keep your eyes open, but you’re determined to stay awake? Do you ever feel the need to watch that one last episode of House Hunters or feel like you need to check your email one last time, browse through Facebook once more, send that one last Tweet, read that one last page?

I do all of those things, and sometimes I procrastinate going to sleep because I’m afraid of the dark. True story: 23 going on 8. Nightlight? Check. Blinds open to let extra light in? Check. Stuffed bear? Check. Sleeping pup by my side? Check. Check. Check.

Whatever the case may be, getting enough sleep is so key. Otherwise you end up like this:

[images via we heart it]


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2 responses to “Snoozy

  1. Josh

    That first little drawing looks just like you.

  2. Auntie M

    Have you tried a different type of nightlight? Regular nightlights cast sharp shadows. A small lamp with a 15-watt bulb will illuminate your room enough to make the shadows less scary without keeping you awake. Also, a cd/clock/radio that has a snooze element so you can put on soft talk (pbs station) or classical music or a cd with your choice of music or a “sleep tape” type of relaxing talk to lull you to sleep. Some recommend sleep machines for relaxation, but I have never found elemental sounds (wind, rain, lapping water) soothing.

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