On my mind…

Drinking orange juice straight out of the carton.
My mom would not approve.
So tired I can barely keep my eyes open.
But I must wait for my grandma’s clothes to finish drying.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
Weekends mean everything when you get up at 6am M-F.
Craving White Castle, a milkshake and a view of Midway Airport.
Wishing Frasier AND Ginger could sleep by my side.
I hate it when you think you’re done for the night and can start getting ready for bed…
…but then you remember you have to scan that really important document.
Random. But.
Will it ever feel like spring here?
HGTV you are the best.
Million Dollar Rooms, you are not.
What makes a yawn happen anyways?
Happy Cinco de mayo!
I should have celebrated with a taco.
Mmmm. A taco sounds delish right now.
Vegetable/cheese/noodle mixture, you were good, but not good taco good.
Plain orange juice or orange pineapple?
Orange pineapple. Every time.
The laundry is doneee.
This, however, means I need to go to the scary downstairs.
Saturday, are you here yet?

[image via we heart it]

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