It’s real life, duh.

This week has been the week of reality TV for me. On Tuesday, it was The Voice. And today it was Swamp People and Mob Wives.

Yep, Mob Wives really does look like this

Who knew a swamp could look so sweet?

I swear I’m really not a reality TV freak, but lately whenever I’ve turned it on, I can’t turn away. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m an insanely nosy person and I enjoy creeping in on other people’s lives. And even though I know that most reality TV isn’t completely true and 100% real, watching shows about other peoples’ problems makes me feel better about myself. Hahaha how depressing. But oh so entertaining.

[photos courtesy of and]

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  1. Bob Gath

    By watching Mob wives are you going back to your Italian heritage?

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