On my mind…

Hour and 15 minutes from Chicago Lawn to Ravenswood. Whaaat.
That’s okay, yummy pizza, tiramisu I actually like + great people made it completely worth it.
Discovered a posh new hangout for city pups, Urban Pooch.
Undecided on whether I like the South side or the North side better. Thoughts?
Frasier is an annoying pooch when he only gets one walk a day.
The weather needs to consistently stay warm so two walks are not out of the equation.
Promptly falling asleep from 9pm to 1030pm after returning home? Hmm.
Seriously lame?
Or seriously cool?
Apparently your idea of cleaning is spraying a little Lysol around?
I see that you missed that huge pile of litter that needs to be swept.
Gag me.
Busy weekend ahead.

[image via we heart it]


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2 responses to “On my mind…

  1. bob

    South Side is there any question!

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